Note: For security and data integrity reasons, existing receipts (finished sales) cannot be deleted, but can only be modified.

Apart from printing the receipt again or sending a copy as SMS, below are the various actions you can take on an already existing receipt.

  • Refund (Partial or Full)
  • Cancelling (Void) a receipt

Refund a Receipt

To perform a refund, go the particular receipt and tap the orange “Refund” button. You will be prompted to issue either a partial or full refund. Select your option. If partial, you will need to enter the amount and select refund. Then, you’ll see the “Refund Successful” message. If full, your refund will process and you’ll see the same message. Your anlaytics reports should be updated with the latest refund transaction once you sync your app.

Cancelling a Receipt

There are so many reasons why you want a receipt to be cancelled or voided. In such cases, you can go to the particular receipt that you want to cancel and tap the red “Cancel” button. Your anlaytics reports should be updated with the latest cancelled transaction once you sync your app. Please note that once a receipt has been cancelled, there is no option to undo it. The receipt will remain cancelled.

Update: Refunds and Cancellations features will be available in the app soon.