The POS system is the heart of every business, and sometimes internet downtimes can be crippling. One of the biggest misconceptions about cloud-based POS is that it requires continued internet access in order to run. Not true in case of ShopOwner. ShopOwner allow business and sales to be conducted “as usual” when there is power failure or other occurrence causing the internet to fail. The powerful offline capabilities of ShopOwner not only pave the way for “keeping calm and carrying on”; they also allow the system to sync data when the store or restaurant is back online and the device is connected to the internet.

We go further. Unless you need payment processing for credit/ debit cards, ShopOwner operates exclusively without any need for internet. You only need the internet to back-up (we call it “syncing”, which happens automatically once every day when your device is connected to the internet and locked or you can do it manually by going to the “About” section of the app) your data to the cloud which we highly recommend for the following reasons.

  • Back-up of your critical business data
  • Switching Devices
  • Reporting
  • Off App Advanced Analytics

Back-up of your critical business data

There are many reasons how you could lose the data and causing business continuity issues for your small business. You lose your android device. You drop it on the floor and break it. You drop it in water. All of the above means your sales data is lost – that is if you have not synced to the cloud. But ShopOwner is build to avoid these scenarios by syncing the data from the App to the cloud once every day when the app is not being used to ensure there will be no data loss.

Switching Devices

It is also very critical that you have the option to switch from once device to the other without losing any of the data and settings. Here again, the “Sync Data” feature comes very handy. After you have synced the data, it is easy to switch from once device to the other and continue to ring sales without any disruption.


Reporting in ShopOwner is comprehensive and that means there are lot of calculations involved across all the data of your business. So, all of the intensive computations happens in the cloud leaving your device resources free for other tasks. Without “Sync Data”, the reports do not reflect the latest and greatest numbers. We highly recommend that you sync your device atleast once every day.