With the ShopOwner app, you can add applicable taxes to entire sales. You can edit tax settings by following the below instructions.

  • Menu –> Settings –> Tax
  • Enter the Tax Name (Example: Virginia, VAT, Tax etc.) and Tax Amount
  • Click “Update” to save the tax settings

What happens if I change the tax rate?

Tax changes will be applicable immediately to all the future sales.

Will the tax amount change for completed sales?

No. Completed sales cannot be changed in any way (you can only void/ cancel receipts). Tax rates and amounts applied to sales remains unchanged. If you want to change the tax rate, you will be able to follow the instructions above and it will be applicable to future sales.

Can I disable tax for individual sales?

No. Currently when you enable tax, it is applicable to all of your sales and cannot be disabled for individual sales or selectively applied to some items.