ShopOwner provides an option for you to sync your sales data and other critical information on the app to the cloud. Sync helps protect your data by serving as a back-up to your should you lose your device by mistake or you delete the app and at times when you have to switch the device.

Here is how to sync the app to back-up the data. Prerequisite: You need internet connection to perform sync. Please ensure you are connected to the internet.

  • Open ShopOwner App on your device
  • Use the left menu to go to “About” section
  • Click “SYNC DATA”
  • Once the sync is completed, your “Last Sync (EST)” information should get updated

Sync should ideally happen automatically, but some devices do not support automatic sync. In such cases, you have to perform the sync manually. You only need to do sync once in a while. You can continue to use ShopOwner offline for regular operations.


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  3. Rajkamal Kar

    How to reset app data from cloud sync. While testing this app for features some trial dummy bills were generated. H want the entire app data to be cleaned. Please help and advice.

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