Invoices are meant for businesses that would like to place an order and collect payment for a future date. For example, a bakery would use the invoicing feature for catering orders. The bakery would create an order, turn it into an invoice, and send the invoice to a client. The payment will be collected at a future date.

Starting V0.7, ShopOwner POS supports sending invoices to your customers. Invoice feature is enabled by default in ShopOwner.

Sending Invoices

  1. Select items to add to the sale/ invoice
  2. Optionally, add an existing customer to a sale or add a new customer
  3. Choose “Payment Type” as Others (on mobile phones, go to preview screen and choose “Payment Type” as Others)
  4. Choose “INVOICE” which will take you to the confirmation screen
  5. From the confirmation screen, you can Email, SMS or Print the invoices
  6. Click “Done” on the confirmation screen

Accessing Invoices

  1. You can access pending invoices on the “Invoices” menu below receipts
  2. Pending Invoices will have an option to “Mark as Paid” which can be used to record sales against an invoice
  3. All invoices will show-up in the receipts menu as well with an icon to indicate that it is an invoice

All the features available for regular receipts like voiding, adding customers, sms, email and print are available for invoices as well.



  • Version 0.8
    • PDF invoices are automatically attached to emails was introduced in this version