While some businesses can just operate with one register (cash drawer), we understand that many businesses will need more than one register to run their operations seamlessly and efficiently. ShopOwner works for businesses of all types and sizes.

Starting V0.7, ShopOwner POS supports multiple register types and registers. Registers feature is enabled by default in ShopOwner and can be managed by the main register (the device you set-up your shop for the first time becomes your primary register and all secondary registers are controlled and managed by the primary register).

Register Types

  • Main Register – Your first device or the device you set-up your shop is your primary register)
  • Secondary Registers – Below are the different secondary register types
    1. Sales Register – Sales register provides all the functionality of a main register except for the ability to change settings.
    2. Steward Ordering Register – Steward Ordering register let’s stewards/ server/ waiter take orders from various tables at the same time and send the orders to the Kitchen Display register. When the sale is done, they can click “Finish” and the sale is available for check-out in the Main Register. Note: “Steward Ordering” registers cannot complete transactions and can only take orders.
    3. Kitchen Display Register – Kitchen Display registers are used in the kitchen for your Chef and Cooking staff to keep a track of all the orders and items in the orders to run a efficient kitchen operation.
    4. Table Side Ordering Register (Coming soon…)

Adding Registers in the Primary Register

  1. Go to “Settings” on the left menu
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Existing registers are listed here. You can tap an existing register to manage it.
  4. Click the “+” button to add a new register
  5. Select “Register Type”
  6. Enter “Register Name”
  7. Add a “Register Code” (this register code is used to pair the new device with the main register)
  8. After adding a new register, please sync by going to “About” menu

Pairing and using a secondary register

  1. Download latest ShopOwner from Play store (Ensure its a different device than Main Register)
  2. On the launch screen, select set-up device as “Secondary Register”
  3. In the next screen, provide the following details
    1. Register Type
    2. ShopOwner ID (Present in “About” section of Main Register)
    3. Register Code – The code that was used when adding the Secondary Register in the Main Register
    4. Click Confirm
  4. If above details are correct, you will get a confirmation message and the secondary register should “sync” and go to relevant screen.

That’s it. Your additional register has been paired and ready to use. Let us know if you have any questions by dropping a mail to support@shopowner.in