Creating named discounts in ShopOwner makes it easy for you to quickly apply employee, loyalty, or other special discounts to transactions at the register. ShopOwner supports discounts at both the item level and order level

  • View Discounts
    1. Click “Settings” and select “Discounts”
    2. The Discount Settings page displays all discounts and gives you the ability to select and edit the discounts.
  • Create a New Discount
    • Click “Settings” and select “Discounts”
    • Select the + button on top right to add discounts
    • Add the following details and click “SAVE”
      • Discount Name
      • Discount Type (Percentage or Fixed Amount)
      • Discount Rate
  • Apply Discounts at the Register
    • Tap the discount button in Mobile/ Tablet
      • Mobile
      • Tablet
    • Choose from your available discounts
    • Verify the discount amount
    • Finish the sale as usual
    • Discounts applied to sale show-up in receipts history



  • Version 0.6
    • Discounts on Tablet devices was introduced in this version.
  • Version 0.8
    • Discounts on Mobile devices was introduced in this version.
  • Version 0.9
    • Apart from using existing discounts, new discounts can be added on the fly when doing sales