Today we go one step further in streamlining the way you collect payments via cards. ShopOwner now integrates with Stripe! This ought to be one of the most straightforward methods of enabling credit card transactions for your business, and we are glad to bring it about at your request.

The beauty of Stripe is that it lets you receive card payments without actually owning a merchant account or using a gateway of any sort. Stripe does all the work of sending direct payouts to your bank account, storing cards and subscriptions.

How it works?

To accept stripe, please follow the below steps.

  1. Register and Login to Backoffice
  2. Click Settings on the left menu
  3. Click “Accept Credit Cards” under “Store Settings”
  4. Click “Connect with Stripe”
  5. In the following screen, you can fill the required details to set-up a new stripe account which will be used to accept credit card payments. If you have an existing Stripe Account or have set-up Stripe already, you can sign-in and select your business to connect with ShopOwner.
  6. All card transactions happen in this new account. Merchants can configure their payment schedule, bank to deposit etc. from within the Stripe account.

Note: ShopOwner works only as a gateway and does not handle card payments directly. All the payments are present within the Stripe Account you had set-up and is not accessible by ShopOwner.

Please contact for support.