Secure your ShopOwner app/ register and data with a 4 digit passcode. Passcode option is available within “Settings”. Passcode adds another layer of security to ShopOwner app in addition to your device security. Once set, ShopOwner will prompt for the Passcode every time the ShopOwner app is launched.

In this article,

  1. Set-up a Passcode
  2. Change/ Remove Passcode
  3. Forgot Passcode
  4. BackOffice Sign-up

Set-up a Passcode

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click “Passcode”
  3. Click “Turn On Passcode”
  4. Enter your 4 digit passcode. Confirm your passcode by entering again.
  5. You will get a confirmation message “Passcode has been set”
  6. To ensure you don’t lose your passcode, Sync your app.

Change/Remove Passcode

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click “Passcode”
  3. Choose “Change Passcode” or “Turn Off Passcode”
  4. Provide your current passcode to finish the process

Forgot Passcode

As forgetting your password is a natural part of life in this day and age, we’ve got you covered. Please drop us a note to with your ShopOwner ID from your official email address.

BackOffice Sign-up

Please note that it is mandatory to add a passcode to your app/ main register to be able to sign-up and access BackOffice. Here is how to sign-up for BackOffice